Research Laboratory

Camson Biotechnologies Limited

Camson R&D efforts are aimed at developing environment-friendly bio-agricultural solutions that maximize the potential for farmers. They needed a facility that would enable them to explore the depth and breadth of their technological and scientific expertise and to develop breakthrough products at affordable prices.This 60,000 Sq.ft R&D Laboratory is located on a farm, amidst research crops that are grown for their various studies and products. 


Our biggest challenge was that this R&D Lab was located in a farm, about 50km away from Bangalore. The CEO, Mr.Dhirens' brief demanded that the aesthetics of the Lab be grounded locally, at the same time have an internaltional appeal to it, without essentially having to use any glass facades that are synonymous with todays contemporary international architecture.


The challenging brief demanded a humble structure, the planning for which had to be certainly tied to the local easthetics of material and people, and host some of the best international research facilities in the world. Our approach begun with a larger floor plate that appeared to be growing and breathing from the land .We wanted a shell that seemed to be growing out of the earth, to be studied, experienced and discovered as very much a part of the farm.


 Site Analysis I The original site before our intervention.

The site for the biotechnology laboratory was an area of about an acre of land, demarcated amidst the farmland in which crops were being cultivated for research. The portion of land and its surroundings were quiet rural and green with nothing but fauna that stretched limitlessly into the blue skies in all directions.

Our Idea:  Design Development 


The concept for the design was inspired by a sapling with two leaves, symbolising freshness and ready to grow into the future.


The design was one that had to releate to the earth, sky and the farm and the challenge was not to make it look and assume the form of an alien glass box.


The sapling inspired organic form of the building sported gentle curves and sweeping steps that made the building look tied to the ground and huge cantilevered & light looking roofs gave the appearance of reaching to the sky.

Planning : 

The planning intended to create an international styling for the laboratory with an aesthetic that will tie it to the strong rythmn of the site /farm.Sweeping steps, huge decks and cantilevered terraces mearge the built form with the landscaoe.The restricted use of glass and the height deliberatly contained to a G+1 helped the massing and the overall aesthetics.

Experience : External shell

As one walks along the external shell of the building, the east and the western walls sweep gently forming two conclave curves with deeply punctured cavity walls. These halp in maintaining internal temperatures witin the various spaces. A huge linear skylight flanks the center of the building creating an atrium with a great flow of energy and light.It serves as a hot air extractor as well. An auditorium that can accomodate 100, A huge dining with a kitchen for all scientists and a 10,000sq.ft basement that acts as a cold freeze are other functions within the building.

Experience : Internal Planning and spatial experience


The Linear Skylight: This gives the entire interiros of the buidling a generous wash of natural light, thus reducing the need for artificially lighting the interiors throughout the day.

The freezing zone : This is in the basement and is designed within the earth to ensure minimal loss of temperature leading to lesser use of of energy to maintain  the cold storage facility for their produce.

The Cavity Walls : On the eastern and western sides of the building, the calculated rectangular cavities enusre that there is ample cross ventilation within the various labratories that flank these walls.