Shree Menghraj and Bros Jewellers

A Design intensive interior to help the retailer re-define his offering as a versatile and contemporary jeweller to cater to a wider and their fast growing elite clientele.


Challenge 1: To create a decor that would render an unparalleled, elegant  and comfortable retail experience to clients, gently persuading them to take a call on the most precious purchases of their lives.

Challenge 2: To cater to every detail that will remarkably distinguish the brand, business and differentiate our clients from competitors.

Challenge 3: The whole rennovation was to be executed in phases when the retailer continued his business operations! This was the most challenging of the clients brief.


So, What did we conclude?

The challenging brief demanded a high level - idea based design concept that would dictate the brand, postion and their business culture. We also had to draw on a relevant, practical implementation plan for the project to get it done within a tight timeframe. 

 Site Analysis I The original site before our intervention.

The existing premises was a 1500Sq.ft floor plate that was split across two floors connected by an internal stairway. The idea was to renovate floor by floor across a timeline of 3 months so that the clients could continue operating the business on one of the floors all through our period of rennovation.

The advantages of the site was its prominant location and an excellent floor to floor ceiling height. Both these factors contributed significantly to our design considerations. 


The Elevation that was outdated needed a rapid upgradation.The corner facade could be used as a vantage for good visual branding .The site had excellent visibility from the main JC road, one of the busiest business centres at Bangalore.

Our Idea:  Sensible  I  Sensuous  I  Sell


Our design approach invovled arriving at a complex matrix that mapped their vision to materials that would personify our clients believes. Once the materials were identified, they were further detailed and used in a particular rythmn and pattern to ensure the interiors reflected the vision.

Planning : Layouts I Pause I Mystery I Wonder I Delite


Ground Floor Planning

Two Huge Window displays dictated the planning of the ground floor layout. Creating a sense of suspense, sequentially revealing what our clients had to display dicatated our design for the elevation. The Internal layout included spaces to pause, wonder and decide as one entered the store. The circulation was kept clear with all jewellery strictly on wall display and within glass tables. The tables were intricately designed to allow an experiential viewing of the unique pieces on display. The layout was kept free of any standalone island displays.


The First Floor Planning

The first floor was host to the diamonds and a few exclusive design pieces in gold. The layout was planned for engaging the clients at every point with the jewellery on the various displays. One corner hosts a comfortable lounge seating to host exclusive clients. This also douled up an additional lounge where customers could wait for their turn to be served. The small pantry tucked in a corner helped in ensurring services were all condensed and clutter free with smart entry and exits without disturbing the floor plate.