Johns Interiors 

A residential interior to help the an NRI couple rennovate their existing 3.5BHK apartment in a style that is intrinsically simple and native, to be used as home during their frequent visits to India.


Challenge 1: The NRI couple who had travelled and lived in many places throughout the world had a collection of exclusive furniture pieces from Brazil, UK and Kerela which they wanted to use in this home. The largest challenge was to find a design theme that tied all  eclectic furniture together and also rennovate the entire shell within a very tight time frame.



Our Idea:  Earthy  I  Native I  Rustic



Given the variety of furniture that were to be assembelled together, a neutral cream tone was the default color by chice. The accent of hte same color personified as paint, panels and wall paper all through the decor.


Rustic ochre tiles with a burnt look was the choice for the entire flooring in the house.The color and the feel on the tile rendered a soft warmth to the shell , making it easier to play with colors and upholstery on the various furniture.


The element that was used to bring in the Native Blend was rich wood with visible and beautiful grains in all furniture, veneer and other wooden fitouts . 


The decor boasts of a few textures and patterns that were Indian in idea but used as contemporary motifs across various spaces and applications.

 Entrance and Lounge

The Living -  a wide & long hall with a wash of warm tones of paint and textures on walls and an earthy ochre tiled floor welcomes you as you enter. You will but not fail to notice sense of rustic and earthy tones that add a Native Indian blend along with the rich wooden textures that one will encounter through the home. A huge oil painiting backed by a stucco textured wall  finishes the strong but simplistic decor.


Dining and Kitchen

The Dining: A compact four seater dining table is set in one corner of this large living hall , a corner that was earlier a small study whose walls were pulled down to integrate with the large living hall. The flooring is finished with vitrified tiles that  replicate the textures of a wooden flooring. This contrast with the warm muted ochre tiled flooring of the living room, immediately creating a sense of seperation of function. A small ledge seating finished with wooden panelled top serves to complement the living and the dining areas at the same tile by being mulitpurpose and offering the much needed extra seating or serving space that we so often lack in apartments. 

The Kitchen: The unique decor boasts of an elegance that can never be achieved by high polished  kitchen cabinets or by classical kitchens. The handmade shutters were finsihed with vinyl sheets that resemebled classic wooden shutters. The ochre shaded laminated glass panels were used for dado instead of regular tile work and an off-white quartzite counter visually enlarge the kithcen. 

The Bedrooms 

THE BEDROOMS : The three bedrooms in the house have heavily styled furniture that dictate the look and feel of each room. The wardrobes are finished with tinted oak textured veneers that compliment the furniture in each room. The muted pastel pink tiles add to the rustic blend in two rooms. One room is finished with the same wooden textured vitrified tiles.Works of two artists in chosen earthy tones adorn the walls in two bedrooms.