Kypa Residence - Bangalore

This home for the Kypa family was planned on a 2400sq.ft corner plot. The design exploits the  corner plot advantage on which the project is located and uses it to split-levels and maximise the solar orientation. These ideas are instrumental in segregating functions as well. A very strong relationship between the Landscape and the residence has been established, where each indoor space has a unique outdoor space that extends its specific program. The main living is organized around a central double height into which the temple opens as well imbuing a spiritual omnipresence. It is a large introverted house with a minimilistic pallette whose form is highlighted by an orchestrated play of natural light, imparting a strong sensory perception to the predominately white hued spaces.


Since it was a corner plot, maximising the use of light, ventilation and view wasour highest priority and also made the process of designing exciting. The couple being busy and successful entrepreneurs, a huge part of the challenge was to engage with them in multiple productive discussions and thoroughly understand their requirements from their cultural and social perspectives. These discussions greatly influenced detailing of the project. 



The brief demanded a high level - idea based, quick design concept that would reflect their strong sense of culture and family life. We also had to draw on a relevant, practical implementation plan for the project to get it executed within a realistic timeframe.

 Site Analysis I The original site before our intervention.

The existing site was a 2400sq.ft South East facing plot. This corner plot with two wide roads flanking the corner gave a great vantage to our lighting and ventilation considerations during our planning.Since the site was a part of a fairly new gated community, with well laid concrete roads made access and working on the basement floor relatively easier.

Planning : Layouts

The entire planning in the ground floor was sequential. The sequences from entry at the gate to the exit at the kitchen services was designed and developed as a sequences of experiences, pause, layering, light and greenery. The scale of various spaces has been contained both 3 dimensionally and 2 dimensionally to ensure a horizontal and a vertical visual connect through the various floor plates.