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Mahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residence

On 02, Sep 2014 | In | By wallbadmin

Mahendra residence

This simple courtyard home has an air of elegance.This design was an attempt to reinvent the remarkable form of traditional courtyard residential architecture. The courtyard is this style’s quintessence and its relevance to the home is apparent as well as subtle.It is the structures core.

The skylight courtyard orders other spaces by context in an abode where space is not rigidly fixed but can be adaptable depending on the time of day, season and exigency. It obliquely controls the environment inside this otherwise urban home. Its mood changes with varying degrees of light and shade and with them the ambiance of the home. Centrally located, it imprints the domain of the dwelling like a visual anchor. Around this courtyard space the rest of the structure seamlessly coalesces by the play of styles and private spaces.