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Studio ApartmentsStudio ApartmentsStudio ApartmentsStudio Apartments

On 24, Sep 2014 | In | By wallbadmin

Studio Apartments

A set of 12 Studio apartments smartly planned on a 2400 Sq.ft Site,This commercial development in Vijayanagar Bangalore is but a typical example of our residential planning concept called “The urban compact”.

The high spatial requirements of the program left us with a rather repetitive floor or floor elevation.This design focuses on a skin of fabricated metal design that is added on to the elevation to break the otherwise monotonous lines on the facade.The sharp angles, the play of light and shadow and the turns and twists of the fabricated metal is a new attempt to simple and cost effective elevation design options.The use of pastel shades with the strong use of dark stone at the base of the building makes it appear rooted to the ground and makes it  appear lighter as it towers towards the sky.