Residence at Devanahalli 

Set on the outskits of Bangalore - Devanahalli, a fast developing neighbourhood, this design for an eminent professional from Mumbai boasts of planning and detailing that hosts two houses across 3 levels. Both houses set overlooking an internal courtyard, this shell is all about play of light, patterns and lightness of form and brilliant layering of spaces.


Challenge 1 When the clients walked into our office, they had a design for which construction had progressed until the structural stage and staggering financial details of contruction was worrying them. The brief given to us was to take over  and complete it in relevance to their requirements and within the projected financial bearings.

So, What did we conclude?

The challenging brief demanded a high level - idea based, quick design concept that would reflect help them realise their dream home within the remaining budget. We also had to draw on a relevant, practical implementation plan for the project to get it done within a tight timeframe. 

 Site Analysis I The original site before our intervention.

The existing site was a 6000 sq.ft where 80% of the structural framework was complete

We made an initial assement to ascertain the quality and costing of the completed work. Then we moved on to analysing and correction stratergies to take on further structural and intensive design manipulation.

 Design Stage 1 - Finishing of existing structure

The most important design component was to re-assess the sizes of window, skylight and finishing materials for every floor. The assessment was to be done with relevance to costing of finishing materials and avaialability of the same.The same had to be studied with reference to electrical, plumbing and other services that had to be intergrated within the existing structure.

Design Stage 2 - Designing the Envelope

The most important part of the design was to detail the type, layer and module for the envelope that was to cover the whole house from the north and eastern boundaries. The envelope was to be 3 floors high. The idea was to make it a permeablesince a opaque wall would make the court look like a skylit vault. So came in the idea of using terracota jallis, designed in a specific rythmn of alternating patterns. This also rendered a great play of light that threw various pattened shadows into the courtyard.

The roofing of this envelope was in tough translucent polyform sheets. The sheets came in rolls and interlocked wisely with customised sections to ensure thorough waterproofing and complete sealing from heavy rains. The durabililty and thickness of these imported polyform sheets secured the courtyard from monkeys, birds and rain. With a gentle self cleaning slope, the polyform allowed a great wash of natural light into the courtyard.

Experience 2: The Internal envelope

The rich red of the terracotta Jalli enriches the courtyard with multiple dimensions of color, light and pattern. These contrast elevate the persons disposition as one walks into the main door. The main door is the single door to both houses that are spread across two levels. The feeling that you are entering a court and not a room when the main door opens is a welcome change when compared to the stereotypical villa plannings.




Experience 3 : Internal Spaces

The choice of materials for the internal shell varies in tones of grey, polished white and brown. There are areas where specialised stone textures have been used to accentuate the simplicity of space by bringing a rythmn and order. All detailing done direct the eye towards the central skylit court, set against the contrast of the red jalli walls.