Interiors at Sobha Eternia 

A creative and unique interior to help the successful couple set their home in a style that is urban but with a meditteranean blend to it. 


Challenge 1: To create a contemporary decor that would have an unmistakable Indian tone to it, 

Challenge 2: To cater to every detail that will remarkably showcase their taste for comformt and style, to ease their lifestyle and also become converstion starters when they have guests over.


Our Idea:  Mild  I  Mediterranean  I  Motifs


Mild and Mediterranean

This Mediterranean theme incorporates only a mild influences of the Mediterranean regions of Spain, Italy, Greece, and France.


This style is made opulent and luxurious with heavy tapestries and  minimally curved furniture, or rustic and understated with rough wood furniture and simple yet bold accessories.

Color Pallettes

Color palettes include warm, soothing neutral colors are combined with pops of bright, & rich blue/ teal accents.


The decor boasts of a few textures and patterns that are simple in idea but use a mild mediterranean motif.

 Entrance and Lounge

The Foyer: A linear space with a wash of warm light from spotlights welcomes you as you enter. You will but not fail to notice the bright  ochre stone that tops the shoe rack setting the stage for the rythm of Indian tones and rich wooden textures that one will encounter through the home. A rich carved framed mirror and a textured wall paper finish the minimalistic yet happy decor.

The Lounge - The main lounge is a large space. The rich wooden panelling for the TV with the unique Tan-coffee grains spans the entire lenght of the wall, tieing the whole space together. Chunky wooden furniture belonging to two different furntiure styles & brighly cushioned upholstery let you comfortably cozy.

Dining and Kitchen

The Kitchen: The unique decor boasts of an elegance that can never be achieved by high polished lamianted kitchen cabinets or by classical kitchens. The handmade shutters were finsihed with sandwiched Indian Raw silk fabric with  little embellishments of the native Gold Zari work. The pastel tones and an off-white quartzite counter visually enlarge the kithcen. A small seating with cozy upholstery makes the kitchen, not just a space for cooking, but chatting, reading, friends and family too.

The Bedrooms 

THE BEDROOMS : The three bedrooms in the house have three different accents and function. While the master bedroom boasts of a slight classic stlyling with heavy sliding wardrobes and rich wooden wall work, the kids room has a sense of lightness and pastel that suits an 8 year old. The third bedroom doubles up as a study cum visitor lounge. The angular book shelf and the retractable sofa-cum-bed make this an easy make shift lounge to entertain guests and friends.