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Mahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residenceMahendra residence

On 02, Sep 2014 | In | By wallbadmin

Mahendra residence

This simple courtyard home has an air of elegance.This design was an attempt to reinvent the remarkable form of traditional courtyard residential architecture. The courtyard is this style’s quintessence and its relevance to the home is apparent as well as subtle.It is the structures core.

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Triveni ResidenceTriveni ResidenceTriveni ResidenceTriveni ResidenceTriveni ResidenceTriveni Residence

On 01, Sep 2014 | In | By wallbadmin

Triveni Residence

This sparkling house at Dollars Colony at Bangalore has everything; it has a large living room screened away from the main entry by a level down and by a huge glass curtain. Collapsing doors that let in fresh air and a little backyard that makes a perfect space for tea .The entire house is bathed in sunlight.

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Anil ResidenceAnil ResidenceAnil ResidenceAnil ResidenceAnil ResidenceAnil Residence

On 31, Aug 2014 | In | By wallbadmin

Anil Residence

As architects, it is always nice to design large houses and villas. We’d usually think, the bigger the dwelling, the better. But as evidenced by WallB Architects, this compact Banglaorean home, proves that architects can make do with a small canvas. Especially when the client completely trusts you and lets you explore.

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Johns’ ResidenceJohns’ ResidenceJohns’ ResidenceJohns’ ResidenceJohns’ ResidenceJohns’ Residence

By wallbadmin

On 22, Aug 2014 | In | By wallbadmin

Johns’ Residence

When it comes to interior design styles, at Wall B,we encourage our clients to think outside the box. There are so many wonderful ways to define who you are by creating magnificent living spaces. And when we say outside the box,we don’t necessarily mean go crazy,we simply suggest some steps to create the type of home that our clients ask us to create!

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