The Bangalore House 4142

An Urban decor for an enterprising, well travelled couple that reflects simplicity, elegance and style.


To create a decor that would render an unparalleled, comfortable elegance to this penthouse owned by a well travelled global couple, one that would truly refect their personalities. 




 Site Analysis I The original site before our intervention.

The raw shell was a 2500Sq.ft penthouse split between the 14th and 15 floor and from a premium residential developer from Bangalore.  The two levels were connected by a granite stairwell . 

The advantages of the site was its prominant location and an excellent floor to floor ceiling height. Both these factors contributed significantly to our design considerations. 


The whole of the ground floor was a huge wide open hall that would host the living dining and kitchen. Bringing functional identities to this hall without compromising the open plan was definitley somewhere we started our design thinking from!

Our Idea:  Urban I  Autumn I  Bangalore


1: The magic is in the MIX and not the match.

2: INDUSTRIAL LOOKING with a slight softness to it.

3: Minimal ATTENTION to every wall in the house.

4: Using common elements with a TWIST


Design Pallete and Its Application

Cement Textures for wall papers, Bayleaf and White High glossy Laminates for the kitchen units, Wshed brown for veneers and wood work, Burnt metal, teel and orange for Upholstery and Accents.

Planning : Layouts I Pause I Mystery I Wonder I Delight



The overall theme for the design of the house centered around bringing an Autumn feel to the decor with certain selective elements thrown in for a twist and attention. The chosen pallete were hues of greys, soft pastels and white while certain strong tones of burnt umber and brown helped in commanding attention to a certain element or space.The overall objective was to render a cool, laid back, urban decor that worked well with bright and breezy natural light that washed through the huge french doors of this penthouse. The design of lights, choice of the warmth of the lights and finishing transformed the same spaces into a different cozy urban home in the evenings.