Capitol Public School - Bangalore

The project was an endearing experience, a design for a primary school. It was a great opportunity to shape the minds and lives of young children and providing them with the creative environments that immensley influence their process of thinking and progress. As an architect designing a school, we had to think of the institution from various perspectives. Spaces that train the intelligence, widen the mind and encourage its interest. 


Our biggest challenge was that this site faced two roads, with an elevation differnce of around 4M. The school building has to be accesible form both the roads. 


We opted for a split level plan that led to an unique planning stratergy of layering spaces and alternating functions.

 Site Analysis I The original site before our intervention.

The 1 Acre site for the primary school block abutted the local Gutenhalli lake. The surrounding lush green vegetation provided a good focal point to orient the planning.

The access to the primary block was to be given from two main roads, each at an elevation of 3m from one another. This difference in level led to the use of a retaining wall all around. 

Our Idea:  Design Development 


The concept for the design was inspired by a sapling with two leaves, symbolising freshness and ready to grow into the future.


The design was one that had to releate to the earth, sky and the farm and the challenge was not to make it look and assume the form of an alien glass box.

Planning : 

The planning was kept simple and clear. The circulation through the various facilities of the school was clearly demarcated with large well lit corridors. The multipupose hall in the basement was designed to accomodate 600 kids, also hosted two large badminton courts. The heavy duty VDf Flooring helped in the ease of maintenance. The basement also hosts a few classrooms and hte service rooms for the pool.

The ground floor is planned around the 10000 sq.ft play area that is over the roof of the multipurpose hall. The play area, done up vibrantly with EDF forms the central focus and can be see from everywhere in teh academic block. THe ground floor hosts the admin block , indoor games zone and a large 1300sq.ft Pool with a depth of 2' to suit early beginners in swimming.

The higher floors host the class rooms with large spans, librabry and the computer lab.


Experience : External shell

As one walks along the external shell of the building, the north east and the south western sides hold 3 floors of the academic block that consist of wide spanned, well lit classrooms for the primary block. These walls rise up gracefully to envelope a 10,000sq.ft playarea for kids done up in vibrant colors. This action packed play area forms a fulcrum and is also used as a multipurpose zone for the various activiites in the school. Sheilded from the urban chaos by the 3 floored academic and librabry block, this play area sits on the roo slab of the large column free multipupose hall  area that is hosted in the basement level of the whole school.  The multipurpose hall  has a capacity of 600 students, is used for school functions and indoor sport activities.

The external shell has a simple easthetics that follows a geometric arrangement of windows and glazing panels. The arrangement is rythmic with uniform sized windows. The alternating glazing panels with laqurered glass highlights help in breaking the monotony and also  render a warm colored wash of lights into the class rooms and corrdiros they flank creating an element of interest.

Experience : Internal circulation and corridors


The Linear Skylight: This gives the entire interiros of the buidling a generous wash of natural light, thus reducing the need for artificially lighting the interiors throughout the day.

The freezing zone : This is in the basement and is designed within the earth to ensure minimal loss of temperature leading to lesser use of of energy to maintain  the cold storage facility for their produce.

The Cavity Walls : On the eastern and western sides of the building, the calculated rectangular cavities enusre that there is ample cross ventilation within the various labratories that flank these walls.

Experience : Facilities


The multipurpose hall: A hall with an area of 10,000SQ.FT can accomodate 600 students comfortably. The huge stage and green rooms behind make it a great facility for annual days and other events in the school. This also is used by students for Yoga, assemble and badminton.

The play area : The roof of the mulitpurpose hall is a sunken waterproofed slab that hosts a large play area for kids. Done up with vibrant edf flooring that is specific for kids play, this space is visually attactive and is visible form the entire school. The swimming pool also opens into this space with a guarded metal grill wall.